Suspect Diary Entry #1

Hello Suspect Internet Diary,
Let's just take a moment to recognize how unqualified my 10th-grade teachers are but first a quote.

Bird's are irritating I had some when I was little and there were always spectacles of food everywhere.- Ms.J

Why does she insist on making short words longer to the point that the word has a new meaning? I mean we get it, ma'am, you have a masters degree you don't need to try to use fake big words. You can say spec, and we won't judge you, but spectacle makes no sense. Anyway, later that day she went on to say that the existence of unicorns was "debatable" I'm dying.

Also, my chemistry teacher thought it was appropriate to draw a swastika on the board.


A Mood Goddess Online

P.S- I realize that I have probably made many grammatical errors and that I may be a hypocrite.


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