Things I Wrote In School As A Small Child

#1- March 3, 2009 ” The other day I got an idea I wished I was still a baby. In my head I think life was better long ago. Back then we went to the park weekly and it’s clear babies don’t go to school. babies are full of cheer Everyone is friendly to babies people handl babies softly slowly and lightly So I would bravely go back and be one again.”

I, Lexi Taylor, still, to this day, am willing to bravely step foot inside a time machine to become a baby and endure the pain of being the recipient of 100% pure maternal and or paternal love without the side effect that is being taught lessons and receiving punishments.

#2- October 7, 2010 “I can’t believe this is happening” Joe mumbled under his breath. And yet, here he was looking down at the person he and his friend had killed. The blood ran down the dead man’s legs and onto the floor. “How should we get rid of the body?” asked his friend with a devious grin. “I don’t know! You figure it out. And stop smiling!” A week after the murder occurred Joe couldn’t stop thinking about the way his friend was smiling and laughing at Joe’s dead father. Only crazy people laughed at the people they had murdered. But then again normal people don’t murder.”

This is an actual work of art. I Guarantee after you read this your skin will clear, your crops will grow, your favorite show will come off of hiatus and your long lost twin will come back home and make your family whole again.

#3- July 23, 2015 ” The word old means something that has been around for a very long time.  I am not old because I am only 14. A person that 80 is an old person. Some people don’t like being called old even though they are. ”

I’m such an ass… that is all. Whoso continueth reading this doeth so at his peril. Heehee got that from a King Arthur book.

#4- July 12, 2015 ” Graduation Poem First draft

I didn’t speak much

Only about 7 people will remember me

Isn’t that fucking


Well, damn Lil Lexa you better put some pep in that step.

#5- December 15, 2008 ” Staring at this page is like being in a cage. I have had enough this is too tough. I heard the call let’s go to the mall. My teacher’s days are hard to face, filled with kids who can’t wait until they get out of this place. Some kids like to tease but I like to please. I have to ask shouldn’t this be the men’s task? Can’t you see it is too huge for me but I’ll be nice and write it twice”

Throw back to when the patriarchy had a bitch in its clutches.

Not 100% sure what happened to make me love reading or writing or school in general. Hope the rest of my life isn’t as flip floppy.


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