A Letter to Myself (A Nonsense Written For Class)


Dear Alexa,
   Right now we have a fairly optimistic outlook on life and I hope that hasn’t changed. The only thing we are afraid of is social interactions. Which basically means that everything in life is difficult for us. This is probably why we don’t expect much from life. Our one dream is to be a musician. Music makes us feel like we can do anything. We currently live on Bowser road. The house is beautiful and surrounded by flowers. Our room is all white with a slanted orange accent wall and a red carpet. We have a canvas of our favorite musician, Halsey, right next to our bed. Our bass hangs on that same wall next to our 5 Seconds of Summer poster. At this point in our life almost our whole world revolves around music. Our whole wardrobe is made of band shirts and jeans. At the moment we only have 2 friends, Samantha and Sarah. When we get together with our friends we all laugh, make jokes, and sing. When we are alone we usually draw, watch TV, or play our bass. One of our favorite places to go is the School of Rock where we have our bass lessons. Sometimes on the weekends we write and add instrumentals to our own songs. Our family is very large. It’s common in our family to have four generations in one house. We used to live with our mother, father, sister, grandmother, and great-grandfather. Now we just live with our parents and sister. Our sister Nicole just got engaged to her boyfriend Jahwn and our grandmother Nancy just moved into a house with her new husband. This year is turning out to be very eventful.We recently introduced our boyfriend Ian to our parents. He made such a good impression that our parents said it was ok to marry him. Which I found odd due to the fact that I’m only fifteen. Actually, everything is kind of odd right now because my Ex is my boyfriends best friend. So, yeah, I hope that clears up. We were on November 7th, 2000 in New Brunswick New Jersey. After our birth we stayed in New Jersey for about three years then we moved to Florida. Our Florida house was so big that we would always get lost. If anyone was to see that house they would think we were rich. Sadly we weren’t rich we were just living beyond our means and in a year our dad had to go back to Jersey and get a better job to provide for us. For months we were without our father and that made us really sad. So, we asked our mom if we could move back home. Of course, she had already been planning to move and we had forgotten. We kept asking her to move for months.  we were probably like a really unfocused child. Anyway, we moved into my grandmother's house in Jersey when we were 6. I don’t really remember much from the other houses but this house was one we will always remember. This was the house where we got that scar on our eyebrow that matches our sisters. We tried to stand on a dog to reach a balloon that was floating away and it’s safe to say that things went awry. Now we’re stuck with a small gap in our right eyebrow.As of now we don’t think our writing is very good. We are often told that we don’t use as much detail as we should. We’re way better at writing poems I think. To be honest we’re probably better at reading and understanding literature then writing it. We only take creative writing so we can learn to write poems and music. When we go off to college we want to major in music management and merchandising and minor in performing. I realize that as you are reading this you may be thinking about how none of the things I have described has happened and I wanted you to know that that’s okay. Our plans change as we get wiser and whatever you’re doing now I'm sure you are or will be very successful.



Lexi Taylor



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